Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Important Phrase

A new phrase Addie has learned this year is "car-rider line". Everyday at 2:30, Monday-Friday you will find us sitting in the car-rider line to get Miss Ella. It is a part of our day that Addie really enjoys. So, I had to crack up the other day when I walked down the hall towards her room to find that she had lined all her cars up in the exact u-shape & the same direction as the car-rider line at Ella's school. When I asked her what she had made she said, "All da people in de car liner-line." She was very proud of her accomplishment.

Alot of days she will fall asleep before we even get to the line but on the days she is awake she always seems amazed by the process. The teacher always stands at the bend in the line to announce the name of the student being picked up. Before the teacher can announce Ella's name Addie will say, "Ella Kunkel column 2. Ella Kunkel column 2." She is always a hoot.

P.S. We wear our Christmas & Halloween pj's year round as long as they still fit :) Everyday is a holiday!

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Monday, March 22, 2010

It was a 'Hurry Up and Get Here Monday' type of weekend...

Friday started with a sore throat for Ella. Against my better judgement I sent her on to school, because she had a VIP coming to eat lunch with her that she just didn't want to miss. But, by the time she got in the car Friday afternoon she was a pale, feverish, emotional mess. We headed on over to the Quick Clinic (best idea ever in healthcare) and 30 minutes later we find out that Ella has a horrible case of strep throat. While we were there I decided to get Addie checked out, because she had an ear ache earlier in the week. Turns out she had a bad ear infection...which makes me 'horrible mother of the year' that I didn't take her earlier in the week when it was actually bothering her. With allergy season in full swing it is hard to know when to wait it out or when to run to the doctor. So, we are now working on 40 doses of antibiotics between the two girls, and for anyone that knows my kids that isn't a fun job!

Friday night=No Sleep due to Ella tossing, turning, and whining every 10 minutes. Poor girl!

Saturday=Very droggy.
But, by 3:00 I was ready to begin my original weekend plans of cleaning this nasty house. 5 minutes in to my cleaning and I had created a new task for myself....

Cleaning up a "murder" scene. The victim? My daughter's favorite bottle of hot pink polish. Even with polish flooding my floor and splattered all up my bathroom wall all my child could worry about was getting another bottle of her favorite polish.

So, 30 minutes and one Goo Be Gone high later...and this is all that is left.

Time to add one more item to the spring 'honey-do' list: sanding, priming, and painting.

So, as if that wasn't enough of a clutsy move for the day this is what I decided to do next...

Yep! Shattered the iPhone on the hardwood floor...the same phone I cracked by dropping it on gravel just two weeks ago. Surprisingly, the touch feature of the phone still worked after this, but everytime I swiped the screen I had little fragments of glass on my finger.

And there was my weekend. Hope yours was better than mine!!!

All I have to say is thank goodness for Mondays!!!!