Thursday, September 18, 2008

Meet the newest addition to the family!!

Ella and Addie have a new little cousin to play with!! Caroline Marie was born Sept 16 at 5:15. She weighed 6 lb 11 oz and is 19 in long. She is just beautiful!! She is Lana's mini-me (Matt and I think she is her spitting image). Congratulations Greg and Lana!!
All the grandbabies with Grandma & Grandpa!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nothing is as lip-smacking as Pop-Pop's corn

YUM! Addie was thoroughly enjoying her first taste of salty, buttery, summertime "oh-so-yummy" corn-on-the cob!

That is to say once she figured out how in the world you are supposed to eat it...I am sure it was just as tricky for everyone on their first experience. The cob isn't quite as tasty as the corn as she quickly figured out.

Quick Note on Ella's Eyes

Looks like surgery is inevitable. Matt took Ella back to Dr. Donahue in Nashville last Tuesday, and the glasses are not a help to her eyes. She had not been wearing them all the time like she was supposed to do, but he said that should not matter. He said the second she put them on there should be a noticable difference in her eyes. He had her put the glasses on, and he was still able to get her eyes to turn outward on demand.

I dread so much seeing my baby go through surgery, but logically I know that doing it sooner rather than later will be best for her. Matt & I still need to discuss it a little more, but I figure she will probably have surgery before the end of 08'.

Dr. Donahue said it should be a pretty simple outpatient procedure. She will need to stay home the day after, but then is free to go back to school after that. They will go in and loosen the outer muscle of both eyes...which is part of the problem, they are too tight now. For a week or so this will cause her eyes to turn too far inward, but then it should correct itself.

It is not uncommon to need follow up surgeries throughout life. Hopefully, she will be one of the lucky ones who only needs one surgery.