Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Mama Rocks

Alicia and I finally had a mommy night out Tuesday night. This is the first time we have gotten out without the kiddos in ages. This movie is great! It is not fall out of your seat funny, but it is one that will keep you smiling the whole time. It is not dumb humor either! Alot of sarcasm which Alicia and I both appreciate a great deal. And, this movie actually has a plot!!!

6 years together today

Matt and I had our first date 6 years ago today...sniff, sniff. Back then I was living in a ghetto thug apartment on Amy Ave. Like literally the dudes in the next apt. were making meth. If it wasn't meth it was something close cause the smell in that hallway was rancid and was being covered up by a massive amount of incence. Okay, off subject now...Matt took me on a romantic dinner to TGIF (lol just joking). We had chicken fingers (yeah back then I had a rule that the guy ordered first and I never ordered anything more messy or more expensive than the guy) and we talked about lame stuff like how we burned our carpet with the iron and how Matt couldn't stand lettuce. I know after this it is hard to believe there was a second date, but what can I say I guess Matt was desperate :) ...just joking Matt. You know I love you with all my heart. When we got in the car to leave for our date Matt informed me he had been in the ER all day because at work that morning (he worked and lived in Nashville at the time) his arm went numb while typing and he had been having massive headaches. They did an MRI that came back clear and they came to the conclusion that he had just been drinking way too much caffeine. Yeah I would say 6 or so cups of coffee a day is too much. Well anywho, I was floored and utterly impressed that after all that he still wanted to drive an hour to BG to have a date with me. Made me realize he was really into me cause that would have been a perfect reason to bail. We had a great dinner and ended up sitting in the car till 2 am where I proceeded to tell the poor schmuck my entire life story...and he didn't kick me out of the car and run when I did so. Well 6 years and two kids later we have been through a TON together and it is just as obvious today as it was back then that we are still two people made for each other...even if we are still a little lame sometimes. :)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Should I hold her to this

Me and Ella were talking about where she was going today (preschool, swim lessons). She asked me who my friends were at school, and I told her I didn't go to school anymore, but that I liked al the new preschool mommies I had met. She was surprised I didn't go to school so I told her that I had been to K-12 and to college. She was intreged by college and wanted to know what it was. I told her it was the place where she takes swim lessons and where Greg and Lana work. I told her she would get to go there someday or some place like it (i.e. Harvard, Yale, Vandy). She said, "No I don't want to go to college I want to stay with you". I told her she still had 14 years to get ready for it so don't worry she wasn't going yet. Then she said she wanted me and daddy to go to college with her and live in the dorm with her...I told her if she still feels like this when she is 17 that then we will talk! Maybe I will hold her to this someday when we aren't wanting to let her go.