Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Weird things kids (or maybe just my kids) find amusing.

Why do my children have a sudden obsession with licking each other on the face? Now that is just plain gross! Not to mention the embarrassment factor when they do it in public. They think it is the most hilarious thing ever. Are we dogs and cats all the sudden?

Also, Addie will not give up her obsession with lotion, shampoo, and body wash. I am keeping Johnson & Johnson in business lately. I walked out of the bathroom for two seconds at bathtime, and when I came back in the entire bottle of shampoo had been emptied into the bath water. But, at least this time the soap was only in the tub. Beats walking in the bathroom to find the entire bottle of pink, princess bath bubbles covering the floor. In her defense, I guess she feels the constant need to disinfect herself from the licking. UGH!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Life Lesson #1847

Always check the top of the car before driving away. Otherwise, your yummy Easter dinner casserole may end up splattered all over the lane. Neighborhood potluck anyone? ;)

There is a lasting reminder of this day on the top of my car. Casserole dishes leave a nice, long scratch as they fall off and hit the ground.

Say something besides, 'I want world peace" and be prepared to get slammed.


Apparently, we live in a world of free speech, but only when we say what the other guy wants to hear. Otherwise, be prepared to be called the b-word and ridiculed as narrow-minded. Thanks Perez Hilton! This is a very heated, political question Perez decided to ask. Then when she answers by her own beliefs he has the nerve to say, 'That is not the kind of woman I want to be Miss USA. There is a difference between running for President and being a beauty queen....Miss USA should represent all Americans." Oh really, Perez? Then why did YOU ask her a question straight out of a presidential debate if you did not want a political answer? Is it because you assumed that being Ms. California she would hold the same values as yourself? And, as far as representation goes...there is no possible answer that would represent "All Americans" as you claim. Someone is going to have to be on the other side. Why can't everyone just be entitled to their own opinion?