Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Addie Grace is two! Feb 28, 2009


Addie turned two on Saturday, Feb 28th! I can't believe my baby girl (and probably my last baby) is already this old. Here is a quick look back at the two years we have spent with this precious soul (mostly the first year since I blogged all through her second year)! Her character lights up our world.

Hope you enjoy a few baby pics of my precious Addie...I held back the tears, but I did come down with baby fever after looking at the newborn pics...I think I am recovering now...Maybe???


-Her vocab has exploded. Here are some of my favorite phrases lately...

*In the car they were watching Dora and Dora asked, "Who's birthday is it?" Addie said, "Boots the monkey!" Plain as day I might add.

*Tonight when Matt walked through the door she said, "Look at me!" Very, Very clearly.
*"Mama, Mama. Whatcha doin?" She sounds like the girl on Phineas and Ferb when she says this.
*Soweee (Sorry) Sissy (followed by a huge hug).
* Bye moon (waving goodnight to the moon).
*Mama what dat?"...with her little hand up to her ear. Anytime a car drives by or a plane goes over head.
*She does have one baffling thing though. She calls Matt "Neh Neh". And when she says it she clearly means Matt. I even ask her, "What is Daddy's name?" "Neh Neh," she replies. I guess it is good though that he has his own identity now, because up to this point he has been, "Mama" just like everyone else.
*Another favorite moment is when we were driving if front of the mall and Addie starts jabbering about "Kikikees" in the backseat. At first I thought she was talking about a cat, but then I quickly realized she was seeing the sign for Chuck E. Cheeses. I asked her, "You want to go to Chuck E. Cheeses?". She said, "Yeah, Yeah." I said, "No honey not today we have to go get sissy from school." Then she begged, "Mama, Mama...Pahwheeze! KikkiKees Pahwheeze?" Oh how pitiful she was.

*Addie loves to imitate anything and everything Ella does. Therefore, she has sought out her independence alot earlier than Ella. Addie gets mad when you try to help her strap in the car seat, and she refuses to sit in a booster because sissy doesn't. She is also getting picky about what she eats and what she wears. If sissy won't eat it Addie won't...even if she has taken a bite and likes it. When sissy says it is gross Addie quits eating. Addie has also witnessed Ella throw many fits over what she wears so she now feels obligated to do the same. I never thought I would have to struggle with a 2 year old kicking and screaming because they wanted a dress when you gave her a top.
* Addie wishes she could go to school so bad. One morning I got to talking to other moms and lost track of Addie. When I started calling for her Ms. Emily called out, "She's in here!" I go in to find sweet little Addie sitting prim and proper doing everything the class was doing. Ms. Emily was so sweet and let her stay all the way through the Pledge of Allegiance. The kids were getting a kick out of her. Ella thought it was funny too. Addie would have stayed the whole time, but I had to drag her out screaming instead...poor baby. This has happened many more mornings as we will walk Ella to her room and before I have a chance to blink Addie has stripped off her coat, thrown it in the floor, and found a seat with the others. I will be so happy the day we can take her to school & say, 'Yep you can really go in this time!"
*Addie is a little engineer so never give her anything that you think she can't open or tear up, because she will figure it out in about 30 seconds.
* Addie was really cute when I dropped Ella off this morning. We we chatting the hallway with friends and class had been going on for several minutes at this point. I tell Addie it is time to go, she looks down the hall towards Ella's class and yelled, "BYE SISSY!"...and walked on out happy as can be.

She is the same way at dance class as she is at Ella's school. She did bust through the doors everytime we were there, but she is finally broke of that. Now she sits and waits patiently, but the second she sees it is over and that the girls are getting stamps she breaks her neck through those doors, runs across the dance floor and demands her stamps from Ms. Heather. I think of it as her special reward for being so patient. It does break my heart that she is the tag-along to all the activities and not the participant. But, by August she should be able to start getting to participate!!!
*Addie likes things the way she likes them. If her foods get mixed on the plate she gets very frustrated. I have witnessed her picking up a handful of peas one-by-one and removing them from the mashed potatoes they rolled into. This has to be done before she begins eating. She also HATES long-sleeved shirts. Lately, I will hear her throwing a fit in another room and when I go to inquire she is standing there trying to push her sleeves up and they just won't stay in place. Addie loves to play in the water in the sink, but hates when she gets her clothes wet. She loves to strip down to her diaper and getting her clothes wet gives her that opportunity to do so.
*Addie has always been good at taking naps. Recently, we have been struggling with this a little more. She only gets a sippy of milk when she naps & when she goes to bed at night. When she sees me pouring her milk she does one of two things. She either drops to the kitchen floor and throws a complete tantrum, or she shakes her head and yells, "No, No!" and runs around the room trying to get away from me.
*The day concludes with Addie pointing up to a story in the book rack on her wall and us snuggling in her comfy chair to read one of her favorites with her sippy of milk in one hand and a blankie in the other. Her favorite book at the moment is 'Violets House' from Baby Einstein.

A few of Addie's favorite things:
Foods= Ranch dressing w/Carrots, Chick-filet nuggets, Strawberries, Chicken Pot Pie, Rice, Green Beans
Best friend="Bray Bray" (Brayden) Addie gets very excited when she sees Brayden at preschool, and anywhere else for that matter. Future son-in-law?...Guess time will tell ;)

Fav things to do= Bath time. Dress up. Reading books. Barbies. Eating the tops off of Color Wonders...and oh yeah coloring with them too. Swinging & sliding at the park. Being backup singer to Ella. Getting in Mama’s makeup (without mama knowing), toothpaste, & handsoap (without mama knowing). Cuddling her baby doll. Playing in her Rose Petal Cottage. Playing pretend with Ella. Going to the grandparents house (PawPaw & Nenny on both sides). Playing in Chick-filet playland after school.

Fav tv characters= Dora & Barney

Most unique characteristic= Her tooth on the bottom right is what I call a double-tooth. It looks liek two small teeth, but it is actually fused together at the bottom.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day at Build-a-Bear

We decided it would be fun to take the girls to Nashville Saturday to eat at one of their favorites Red Robin and make a special trip to Build-a-Bear to build special V-Day stuffed animals. The girls were very excited to be able to go, and we had a wonderful day together! Made me miss living in Nashville. They both made the same pink valentine monkey, and princess outfits to go with. We aren't very creative on names so Ella named her's Tinkerbell to match her outfit and of course Addie's is Snow White. But, that is more creative than the names we gave the bears they made last year...Ella Bear & Addie Bear. Ella was super excited to have a new best friend for Ella Bear.
Here is Ella helping to breath life into her new V-Day monkey. Addie didn't want anything to do with that part, but she did pick out a heart for her monkey and put it inside it's belly.
Giving monkey an air bath & scrub down.
Monkey's birth certificates.

I told the girls I wanted to get a picture of them with their bears this morning to go on my blog. Well that made Ella super excited. A few pictures weren't enough for her. She said, "Okay Addie you sit like this, hold your bear like that, now Mommy this is going to be a perfect picture for your blog." So I ended up with about 50 pictures this morning of them and their bears...all poses Ella picked out.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Waking up is hard to do."

Addie has a hard time waking up many, many mornings when I go to get her up to take Ella to school. Don't worry I checked to make sure she was breathing before I ran for the camera. She is such a violent sleeper. I do not understand how she sleeps as sound as she does with all that movement. When Ella turned 2 we moved her to a twin bed, but I really do not think Addie could handle that. She needs the four walls of the crib to cage her in, or she would end up on the other side of the room in the morning. She may be in that crib for a while yet.
You will also notice alot of clutter in the crib. That is because Addie has to sleep with 3 blankets at night, a sippie of milk, a stuffed animal or doll, and usually a toy or book on top of that. If you can't find something you need it is probably in Addie's bed. I am sure we break every sleep code in the parenting safety manual, but old habits are hard to break.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Heed the shirt! The fun phase of WHY is upon us...a word that will no doubt haunt us through the high school years and probably beyond. Seems to be earlier than with Ella, but that is to be expected as Addie challenges authority much more often. She is our toddler rebel! It all began about two weeks ago when Addie was climbing on Ella's doll bunk bed. Matt told her not to do it, and the dreaded "Why?" rolled off her cute little tongue. It has only picked up steam since with "Why?" or the variation "Mama, Mama, Why?" being not only the question but also the answer to everything. Sometimes you will get the question along with a repeated hard jab to the arm or chest until you pay the question adequate attention. But, you know who can resist her when she says it. Especially when she adds in the shrug of the shoulder and raising of her arms. We have been wondering about what life will be like when we have two little opinionated divas instead of just one. Mass chaos is to soon ensue in the Kunkel house for sure. She is gaining voice everyday.

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