Sunday, October 19, 2008

Missing our buddies!

We have really been missing our buddies Eli & Ethan lately! Life has been crazy for both of our families lately...okay theirs more than ours with the selling the house, living in a hotel in transition, moving to the rental in EC & Eli starting kindergarten. But, we have GOT to get together this week. Ella is dying to! She keeps asking me when we are going to Alicia's park again. We need to get over while the weather is so nice & walk the trails again. Anyhow, I ripped these pics that I just love off of Alicia's blog. I have been meaning to ask for copies, but think that is trivial with all that has been going on for them lately. So ripping will work for now. Aren't these pics just adorable??

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Celebrating with Maria on her 5th Birthday

We had a great time today celebrating Maria's 5th birthday party at her house. Since her birthday is so close to Halloween Tracey did a Halloween theme where the kids came in costumes & did Halloween/Fall related activities. They have the perfect spot for an outdoor party, and it was a perfect day to celebrate.

The kids got to go on a scavenger hunt for nature items in the woods behind their house. That was alot of fun for the kids.

Here is Ella (Sleeping Beauty) starting the hunt.

Then Sleeping Beauty ran into Barbie deep in the woods, and they discussed the items they were in desperate search of to complete the scavenger hunt (and save the kingdom).

On her travels Sleeping Beauty happened upon a conversation between Spiderman and Cinderella in which Spiderman was trying to convince Cinderella there were no acorn tops to be found in the whole kingdom...surely their had to be a way to find some...I mean the whole kingdom is at stake.

But a little birdie spoke to Sleeping Beauty telling her he himself had gathered up the last acorn top and would gladly give it to her since she was such a friend to him in the past. Sleeping Beauty retrieved it, thanking the kind birdie, and scurried off to complete the hunt in just the knick of time...saving the kingdom in her travels ;)

Okay sorry I couldn't resist turning that one into a cheesy story ;)

Here the cute like princesses were taking some down time from running about to swing.

Barbie & Sleeping Beauty (asleep of course...what did you expect) flying through the sky. I sure hope Sleeping Beauty doesn't wake up mid-flight. That would be scary.

Participating in the ring toss. How creative to use pumpkins & hula-hoops this time of year.

Lindsey & Ella being handy helpers.

"In My Mini-Minnie High Heels."

I can't wait for Halloween! My dream was for Addie to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, but I did not want to pay $50 for the ensemble on Ebay. But, Aunt Katie was able to score the shoes, ears, & dress(in red none the less..hard to come by now that Minnie Mouse on MM Clubhouse wears a pink dress). But, come on classic Minnie is red so that is what I envisioned.!!! If we can just get her to keep the ears & gloves, and heels it will be just precious this Halloween. You should have seen her trying to figure out how to walk in heels. It was hilarious! She was walking on her heels with her toes pointed up in the air. Too cute to see a 19 mos. old in heels! And, they are the most precious heels I have ever seen. THANKS AUNT KATIE!

Addie's very own ice cream cone!!

Thursday we went to Logan Aluminum after Ella's dance class, because the Spouse Health Fair was going on. Ella was so super excited to go to daddy's work. She is always asking,
"When we going to daddy work? I waited all year for that." So on the way there she just couldn't wait. She kept saying, "Thank you mommy for taking us to daddy's work today!"

I was happy that I could finally take them. Whenever Ella wakes up early on work days before Matt has left for work she has to run outside in her PJ's and wave bye to daddy until he is down the road and out of sight. He is finally getting the routine down. He has to roll down the driver & passenger window and wave to her the whole time he is leaving, or she will have a meltdown and cry for 10 minutes after he leaves. There have been many a morning she running back in the house crying, "Daddy didn't wave to me!" So I am glad he has learned for the sake of my sanity. As she is waving she screams, "Bye daddy. Have a good day at work!" over and over and I am sure she wakes up sleeping neighbors.

The girls got to chill with daddy while I went to the fair, and afterwards we went to McDonalds with Matt to grab some ice cream before we had to go home. We must have lost our minds because on this trip we decided to let Addie have a cone in the car as well as Ella. Ella has been getting one for awhile now, but we knew it would just be a matter of time before we had to breakdown & let Addie have one too...mess and all. It was just too pitiful watching her go "Uh, Uh" reaching for Ella's cone. Trying to give her some with a spoon wasn't the same in her opinion and she refused.

Here is my happy camper, and her first ice cream cone experience. She thought she was big stuff, and smiled the whole time looking at Ella like, "Hey look sissy I finally got one too!" She actually didn't get as messy as we thought she would, but we had to keep stealing the cone from her and fixing it when it would run.

And here is my old pro Ella!

Ella's 1st Field Trip

Ella had her first official field trip Wednesday 10/13. The entire 4 year old preschool along with the parents went to Jackson's Orchard for a hayride & pumpkin & apple picking & playing in the hay. They also had a video of how they make apple cider that they showed them. When the lights went down and they began to show the video Ella leaned over to Matt and said, "No one really cares."...ah, sniff, sniff, she is learning sarcasm. Then when they showed the apples being mushed up and falling of a conveyor belt she said, "That is gross!". I tried to take that opportunity to tell her that is exactly how they make that apple juice that she can't get enough of & drinks way too often. I hoped it would turn her off to it, but it didn't quite work.

Matt took off work for the day, and I was hoping it would be a great family experience. But, the girls were fussy & uncooperative. Even still, we managed to have a good time & get some good pics. Ms Emily took this one of Ella & daddy. I think it is probably the best candid that has ever been captured of them. Ella is a daddy's girl, and I am glad Ms. Emily shared this pic.
Ms. Tana's class rode the hayride with Ms. Emily's so we got to enjoy the ride with Chris & Andie Jane, Tracey & Maria, and Crystal & Lindsey. Here are Chris & Andie. Ella just loves when she gets to play with sweet little Andie Jane.
Here are Tracey & Maria in their matching attire. Maria & Ella are in class together and she is just a sweetheart. We all like to hang out after school whenever we have free time to do so. I met Chris, Tracey, and Crystal when Ella started 3 year old preschool last year. I first met Chris who introduced me to Tracey & Crystal because all three of their girls were in class together. I have really enjoyed getting to know them over the past year.
Here are Ella & Taylor catching up in the pumpkin patch for a quick picture. They were in a different group at the field trip so we didn't get to see them much on this trip to the orchard, but Ella was so concerned about Taylor & kept asking where Taylor was. She wanted to see Taylor so I am glad they were able to see each other for a few minutes. We have been hanging out with Taylor & her mommy Heather & little bro Brayden since school started this year. We all became instant friends with alot in common. Both our kiddos are the same age so it is so nice they can play together & get along so well.
Here is Addison with her serious pose in the patch. She was not feeling well at all that day. She really hasn't been in the greatest mood for several weeks now. So fussy! I think it is her teeth poor little thing.
Andie Jane loves to help out with Addie any chance she gets. At the pumpkin patch she was so excited to be able to help find a pumpkin & apple for Addie. I love her enthusiasm & love for being around Addie. Addie adores getting the attention from an older kid!! Here is Andie playing tug of war with a pumpkin for Addie's sake. She is a strong one, and was finally able to pull it out of the ground!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Kunkel Cousins

I have pictures of Taylor when she was 4 holding Ella as a newborn. Now it is my Ella bella that is the oldest cousin holding her new baby cousin!
Here is Ella feeding Caroline Marie or 'baree' as she calls her. You should have seen the proud grin on her face when she was handed the bottle and allowed to feed her. It was priceless. Nothing thrills her more than when she is allowed 'big girl' privileges or responsibilities. She said she was going to be a babysitter someday. She did a great job!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ella is growing up too fast on me!

Ella celebrated birthday #4 on September 15th. She is my sweet, although sometimes grumpy, baby girl. She hates when I call her my baby. She prefers big girl, but she WILL always be my baby!

She started 4 year old preschool in August and man can I tell a huge difference in her personality just in the two months since she started school. She is getting so mature. She is becoming alot more friendly with other kids & seems much more interested in forming relationships with other classmates than she did last year. I notice her running up and giving hugs to other little girls when we see classmates after school or at dance class etc.
Last year when another kid would try to hug her she would push them away and say she didn't want to hug them. Not as much anymore, but don't get me wrong she is still a 4-year-old and can still be caught pushing or hitting others on occasion. Like today sweet little Bella wanted to hold her hand to go pick an apple at the orchard and she pulled her hand away from her and was like, "But, I don't want to hold your hand."...those are the moments I want to cry. But, it is promising that it is happening less and less. Last year I would be in tears over the way she would treat others, and I didn't know what to do. So seeing her growing out of it somewhat makes me feel more confident that it is just an age thing.

Ella started taking dance in August and absolutely loves it. Her friends Maria & Lindsey are in her class so that helps too I think. Once she warmed up the second week she really took off with it. I love watching her twirl & tumble with all the other little ballerinas. The teacher calls her a very 'serious' student. She says she never smiles at her, but is always very attentive and does exactly what she asks. The teacher was starting to question if Ella liked dance, but she definitely does cause she can't wait to go and she loves to show us all her new moves. The second week she was coming home showing us the proper form for tumbling...something she never did before dance started. She is just a serious type kid.

Ella is our entertainer as well. She is constantly singing and dancing and is really good at memorizing song lyrics. You can find her with a strawberry guitar around her neck quite a bit. Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift. She knows her songs & voice by heart. Her and Addie jam together quite a bit, and Addie is always her backup singer piping in with an , "AAAAAHHHH" at just the right time. She shows a ton of interest in musical instruments which I think is a great skill for anyone to learn. Not only does she like the guitar, but she likes the keyboard and piano. She likes to play Aunt Lana's when we go to their house.

Her favorite show is Jon & Kate Plus 8. She reinacts it all the time with her favorite toy...the loving family dollhouse. It is hilarious to listen in as she makes the mommy doll yell and be bossy to the daddy doll just like Kate is to Jon. Any adventure the Gosselins go on Ella's Loving Family goes on as well. Only problem we don't have 8 dolls to accurately account for their 8 kids.

Ella's favorite cartoon at the moment is Phineas & Ferb, but she also enjoys Suite Life of Zach and Cody, Hannah Montana, and Drake & Josh. And, of course there is the classic Caillou we still have to watch quite a bit.

Her favorite place to eat is Chick-filet. Loves to play in the playland with her preschool friends as well. But, McDonalds is a close second. Everytime we pull up to the drive thru she is in the backseat repeating the order...Cheeseburger happy meal, pickles only, coke to drink, and make that for a girl. She wants a McDonalds drive-thru for Christmas by the way....ain't happening.

She has her little routine down for bedtime. She loves to read a 'girl book' for bedtime, and snuggle up in her flannel princess sheets, and she must have her pink satin blankie on top of the flannel sheets with the corner of the blanket in her hand before she is comfortable. Then it is a small sippy of milk & teddy bear Ella beside her. Lights out with her turtle nightlight glowing.

If I could predict her future....judging by her personality today I would say she ends up as a girl that gets what she wants out of life...she sure knows how to be persistent enough to get what she wants now. I get bossed around quite a bit..."Mom, I said I want Caillou and then chocolate milk. Go get that for me." Okay what am I creating? Sometimes she shocks me the things that come out of her mouth...both good and bad.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jackson's Orchard

My friend Heather invited us to tag along with a group of mommies & their kiddos on a trip to Jackson's Orchard today while everyone is on fall break. We had a really great time! All the kiddos are around Addie or Ella's age, and they had a really great time being around everyone! We were all able to do a hayride, get a pumpkin, and the kids were treated to a sugar cookie & apple slushy. Thanks Heather for a wonderful day!

I have the pictures posted at

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Okay I can't resist doing that final recap of the summer

Here are some fun pics of the girls over the summer! My final goodbye to summer and hello to fall! I am excited for fall. This is my favorite time of year..crisp cool nights, beautiful scenary all around, playing at the park on cool afternoons, crunching through the leaves, fall colors in the wardrode (burnt orange, plum, and burgandy), not to mention the wardrode to cover up my flab with sweaters and jeans, the orchard...Shirley's famous apple pies, pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, Halloween costumes, decorating with mums, pumpkins, and gourds, chili & soup season.

Bye Bye Summer. Hello fall and new memories to come!!

I'm still here!!

Life has been crazy since Ella started back to school. We are getting settled in to the new routine and Ella is loving school this year!! I have lots of updates to do so bare with me over the next few weeks. I have had to use all my spare time working on homework and getting stuff up and running for the UL business. I am proud to say that my work is paying off...I am finished with my course work and just have my final left to take!!! I have requested to do it this coming I may actually be a college grad this semester!!! I am living proof that given enough time even a procrastinator can accomplish good things. I have missed blogging & facebook & the maybe within the week I can get back into it!! I never did finish all my backtracking over the summer so I guess I will give up on all that...but it was a good summer, but I always enjoy the school year cause I like to be busy and we just seem to have very lazy summers so it is nice to have a purpose again with school, dance, and music.